About Dean Meredith

"Intuition, imagination and timeless design are the key factors to my success."

Dean Meredith

Architecture is my passion. It is my intention to create architecture as an art form, blending structure with natural landforms to create not only a sculpture that respects and incorporates the natural surroundings, but also creates an environment of fluidity, openness and light. Most importantly, this livable art form should reflect my client’s vision and personality, and provide them with a serene and peaceful sanctuary that enhances their lives and stimulates their minds.

The entire design process involves lacing the exterior building forms with those of the interior. My goal is always to create the best design without compromising the integrity of the project, and to ultimately sculpt a personalized work of art that my clients can be surrounded by.


"The key to a beautiful and functional project is applying the same careful and methodical attention to detail while staying true to a particular style."

It is my instinct and vision that spark the creative process for each project. I personally hand sketch the conceptual design ideas, inspired by the site, the client’s program, and the natural environment. These conceptual designs are continually refined until I have the final architectural expression -  a unique blend of form and function.

Great architecture is achieved through a clever imagination, an understanding of proportion, and an intuitive sense of design. Once the design is established, the technical aspects of building the design come into play.